Tuesday, October 28

you're gonna grow up someday to be at least five inches tall

I think I've finally got all my shit together, I've scanned everything and I'm now working on uploading all of it. I've been making so much art, but none of it is digital, which is really nice until I want to share it with people and have a very temperamental and low quality scanner. the band is going great. we've recorded a demo and are going to sell it at our little show in the faculty parking lot on thursday. I was supposed to get my tattoo yesterday, but the artist was sick and had to reschedual, so I got a nap. I haven't been sleeping very much the past month, and it really got to me last weekend. I'm going to stop smoking for the week so I can really get better (I've also been sick for over a month) and so Halloween will be OFF THE HOOK. I don't know what I'm doing yet, but I'm going to be Betty Boop. I saw Mirah and Matt Sheehy a while ago, and Sierra had a few extra tickets to Patti Smith and took me and Laura. it was amazing, she is so incredible, defintely one of the most powerful shows I've ever seen. in november I'm going to see She & Him and Of Montreal, which will also be great. Stuart sent me a postcard yesterday. it's one of his Holga prints, I thought I'd put it up here since he doesn't have a scanner. it's beautiful.

don't worry no no no life will get much easier
don't feel so low low low life will get much easier
real soon

Wednesday, October 15

Twigs and Branches

Dallin, Clare and I started a band called Twigs and Branches. we've all written a few songs (yes, even me!), and Dallin and I played at the Red is Blue open mic last week. the girl running it really liked us and had us play again at the end, and asked us if we'd be interesting in being hired to play more shows. last night I got an email:

"Red Is Blue is having a show tomorrow night. Wednesday October 15th at 10:30
in the Oakland, Campus.

Would you be interested in opening for this band called Twin Crystals along
with Honey Body Moonbee?

Amy told me you guys have a very great sound, would love to have you guys.


we're playing tonight at 10:30 in the B building on the Oakland campus! I'm so excited, I hope you can come.

it's all good she says to me
as we cheers and sip dandelion wine

Monday, October 13

eating stars XI

if I had a racehorse it would be named, Build Me Up I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter-cup.

Friday, October 10

hannah drew me

and made an etching

let us be lovers we'll marry our fortunes together
I've got some real estate here in my bag

Saturday, October 4

scum of the internet

a while ago, I made a little home video on my digital camera of my sister, Stuart and myself reenacting a raisin bran crunch commercial we thought was funny on tv. I posted it on you tube, for all of us to enjoy, and since then it has gotten over 12,000 views, and tons of comments about how bad it is, and how we are pathetic and have no life. excuse me, you're the one watching stupid you tube home videos and commenting on them.

today, I read this xkcd comic

thank you

a waltonism: excuse me, I don't think you know canvas bags like I know canvas bags