Friday, April 25

H is for Holy Crap

my favorite illustrator right now is Marc Johns. his work may appear like little doodles, but as I was going through his flickr I kept gasping in amazement with each new image; they are consistently some of the purest concepts, cohesive, and creative ideas I've ever seen. his words:"I generally aim to say as much as possible with as few elements as possible. My work often leans toward humour. Finding the humour in things often leads to finding the truth."

you been messin' with my mind, to waste my time is most unkind
I got better things to do than to play these pointless games with you

Thursday, April 24

Flight of the Picas

1 stubborn bitch + 1 wacom tablet + photoshop + 30 hours of work=

I drew it all by hand. the background and text alone took 20 hours.

click to see them larger

Kina also made an amazing ad with the other half of the class "Pushing Daisies" style. I'll post it later.

so yeah, we finished the yearbook today!

picas is a unit of measurement

Wednesday, April 23

bum sex in a hot tub

I saw Tegan and Sara again, this time at Davis. I was very unsatisfied with the seat I was assigned when they were at the Zelarbach last December. Turtle and I were able to weasel our way to the front with only one or two people in front of us. the concert was excellent, much better than their last show, everything that happened between the songs was hilarious, and we could actually see!
Sara wore a visor with a shark on it during the encore to apologize for her comments about the Calgary Flames beating the San Jose Sharks in game seven the next day, though that kind of blew up when she reiterated her belief again during the apology. I love them anyway.

game seven was yesterday. San Jose won. yey Sharkys!

dark you can't come soon enough for me.
saved from one more day of misery.

Saturday, April 19

eating stars VII

random thoughts between the hours of 8:24 and 10:24 PM

8:24: I love singing. right now I'm singing with Amanda and Abby and Jesca hoop in Feel From the Outside in. it's so pretty. I'm going to sing in the city with Stuart.

8:25: the key board feels like a mountain under my hands growing upwards. like from earthquakes or something

8:26 This song is so long

8:26: you'd except Sledgehammer to be more intense.

8:31: so not intense. I had no thoughts during that whole thing.

8:32: the Roches have such amazing voices

8:32: I started typing boyfriends instead of voices.

8:46: I'm so bad at guitar right now

8:51 I'm having that thing where I can't type and keep repeating mistakes.

8:54: JNS722 (8:54:09 PM): it's going to be amaamamamaamaaamzing

8:59: the E chord sounds so sad, but it's supposed to be so happy. or maybe I'm tuning it or playing it wrong.

9:14: I so can't hear my guitar properly right now.

9:15: the key board still feels weird

9:17: I wish I had nice problems. but I'm still paying my dues

9:20: I would let her do my senior portraits.

9:22: I'm afraid to lie down because I'll fall asleep

9:23: I love it when music can make me move like that

9:27: I'm dancing among the stars

9:31: luckily, all the cool girls are lesbians.

9:32: (that seemed so long)
I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger.
I wish that I knew what I know now what I was stronger.

I used to think that a lot
but lately I haven't.
this is a great time

9:35: I wonder who really reads this

9:37: why is my neck so weird

9:37: why is this taking so long
but so short


9:40: I'm getting food

9:41:JNS722 (9:40:49 PM): i want food
ElizaLoaiza (9:40:58 PM): ohhhhh
ElizaLoaiza (9:41:03 PM): I think
ElizaLoaiza (9:41:05 PM): I want
ElizaLoaiza (9:41:13 PM): stapler

9:41: hello, my name is Esteban de la Sex Face. that means Steven of the Sex Face.

9:42: there once was a rapping tomato
that's right I said rapping tomato
he rapped all the way from april to may
and also guess what it was me

ok getting food now. I keep typing good instead of food. I did it again! food is good.

9:45: I got semi sweet chocolate chips. so many.

9:47: o my god so many

9:50: o man maybe too many

9:54: how does everyone know this song is about lesbians, how can they tell? why is this song so long! I was so sure it was over!

9:55: so long

9:59: ElizaLoaiza (9:57:52 PM): moo
JNS722 (9:58:21 PM): baa
JNS722 (9:58:29 PM): guess what i am
ElizaLoaiza (9:58:34 PM): GOOOT
ElizaLoaiza (9:58:41 PM): MEOOW
JNS722 (9:58:56 PM): what's a gooot
ElizaLoaiza (9:59:01 PM): remember
ElizaLoaiza (9:59:04 PM): mom said goot
ElizaLoaiza (9:59:08 PM): instead of goat
JNS722 (9:59:18 PM): i'm a sheep
ElizaLoaiza (9:59:27 PM): well I'm a kitty
ElizaLoaiza (9:59:29 PM): and I ate you
ElizaLoaiza (9:59:49 PM): and then a kitty poacher killed me
ElizaLoaiza (10:00:06 PM): oh wait i went out of order

10:01: people don't understand what it's like.

10:05: I finished the chocolate chips

10:08: Jethro Tull

10:11: I think she's in the sea for part of Hide and Seek

10:12: then by a street

10:13: then going into a cellar

10:14 still so long but so short

10:16: I miss her. still.

10:21: yes

10:22 I kinda miss the chocolate chips. and this is taking a while.

10:22: o no! it's 24, I thought it was 26!
I'm almost done! this is one of my last ones!

10:23: well, adu, I hope this will be enjoyable

12:24: once upon a time there was
yes. the end.

that took so long. but kinda fast actually.

Thursday, April 17

flower kisser part II

today the baby humming birds flew away. I took this about a week ago, and by now they could barely both fit in the nest, less than the length of my pinkie finger.

they could float above the grass in circles if they tried

Tuesday, April 15

even second violin, which should just not happen

my boss showed us this at the cafe over the summer when we were listening to classical radio one day. if I could write, I would write a song to these chords.

this town seems hardly worth our time

Sunday, April 13

the smell of ink

my idea for my first tattoo is a scribbly scratchy stylized silhouette of a crow flying in profile. it would be on my inside upper arm or the inside of my foot. this morning I thought of my second. I've always wanted something that would be really cohesive, like part of my body. one of my friends has three feathers across the top of her foot, and then feathers going up across her hand and arm. she got the inspiration for it from a painting by one of her favorite artists. I started to think of some of my favorite pieces of works, and almost immediately came to mind a new piece from one of my favorite photographers on deviantArt and flickr, Mirjan. she creates amazing self portraits, with some of the most original and creative poses and and concepts I've ever seen on these websites. one of her newest series was immediately one of my favorite from her, and the inspiration for my new tattoo idea. two fallen leaves going up my chest and neck. this is obviously not something I will rush into, it's a very large idea, and I'm definitely going to think about it for a year or two.

while writing this I also had another idea for a tattoo, the lone cypress going up my lower to middle back. the lone cypress on the 17-mile drive is the most photographed tree in the world, and it is also my mother's (who's name is Tree) favorite tree. her favorite necklace is one of the lone cypress that her mother gave her when she came out to visit sometime before I was born. my mother's camp name is also cypress. with this idea I could unify all my ideas, by having cypress leaves, and crows in or flying around the tree. (plus it kinda looks like the African trees in the Lion King)


Saturday, April 12

canned goods

uncalled for...

what if she never comes home

Friday, April 11

air bears

Joshua Allen Harris from SVA got the idea from seeing the subway air blow around some plastic garbage. you can now see carefully constructed plastic inflatable polar bears all over New York.

I think I figured out a way to make my own prom dress

Thursday, April 10

Thursday, April 3

cellar door

I love photography. no matter how depressed I am, I can always create something happy.

Tree Kisser

afraid of the time on my hands