Friday, May 29

hi i'm from teh internet

too many internet things going on. don't think I'm gonna use this much any more. follow me on these sites instead plz:

and occasionally maybe here:

god it's great to be alive
takes the skin right off my hide
to think I'll have to give it all up someday

Monday, May 25

so I'm into a bunch of this internet stuff now


and other things that start with t...

Sunday, May 24

I dreamt

I dreamt that I saw n'sync live and Justin Timberlake signed my chest. my new goal in life is to get someone famous sign my chest.

Wednesday, May 20

Saturday, May 16


about a month ago there was a weekend when Dr Dog, The Black Keys, and The Fleet Foxes were all playing in the same weekend, and I had to choose. I went to Dr Dog which was amamamazing, but it was still sad I didn't get to see the other two. I'm still dying for them to come around again. this weekend M Ward is playing tonight, and Ben Folds is playing tomorrow night. I like Ben Folds alright, and I know he puts on an incredible live show, but I bought an M Ward ticket because he's one of my new favorite things, I saw him with Zooey Deschanel as She and Him and he was just great (and sexy!), and I really want to see his solo stuff now, I've just gotten into it. yesterday I got an email from this newsletter I get but don't really read. last week I saw they had a contest for free M Ward and Ben Folds tickets, and so I just entered my name and email. well turns out I won! a free Ben Folds ticket! soooooo perfect! I'M SO EXCITED!!!

let's dance
put on your read shoes and dance the blues

Friday, May 15

young and shitty

I really love that my life is so young and shitty right now. when you're older, you have to have nice things, but for now I'm just so happy being poor. I can wear whatever I want, it doesn't matter how ripped up or stupid it is and it won't mean a thing. I can live in a shit hole and it will be rad. I don't want nice things, I like just living and not thinking about if anything needs to be clean, or if I have to be careful. I can just be young and shitty and happy as fuck.

god it's great to be alive
takes the skin right off my hide
to think I'll have to give it all up someday