Tuesday, November 11

you break my heart and put it back together again

Joni Mitchell is one of my favorite artsits. she always speaks to me, she's so sincere and genuine. there's no ego, just the truth and honesty. her lyrics are so perfect, general enough for everyone to understand, but specific and so well written that anyone can identify with them. anything from a love of California to feeling awkward and resenting people at a party. I think simplicity is so important, say as much as you can with as few elements as possible, straight forward, and easily accessible, but still subtle. she's so important to me because she can say things I can never even begin to try to articulate so nicely, and I can respect her because I know she's so good at it that many other people like me feel the same. for some people it's important to have faith in something to get them through the bad times, for me, I need some soul reaching and heart touching music and lyrics.

I told you when I met you I was crazy

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Tristan said...

I have been listening to Joni Mitchell since I was about 5 years old. She's my guilty pleasure, and i completely agree with what you said.

"Both Sides Now"; one of the greatest songs ever written.