Wednesday, January 28

borrowed dogs

I do not hate my Intro to Modern Art class as much today as usual. while I was doing the ridiculous amount of homework we have for each class I found my new favorite painter, Egon Schiele. I was wikipediaing Expressionism and one of his paintings caught my eye. I've been looking at his work all afternoon and have fallen in love with it. the strong outlines, white backgrounds, broken figures and decrepit poses are extremely intriguing to me. I found through reading about him an essay about portraiture inspired by him written by Richard Avedon, my favorite photographer. it's called "Borrowed Dogs" and I read it and almost cried. I really understand why I love Richard Avedon, and portraiture in general now. this is what I love, and this is what I want to do.

death is a young poet’s romance, and an old man’s business

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