Monday, March 2

beaches and bridges

"If Quazar had sounded anything like Dame Satan, the San Francisco quartet that just played the Wednesday-night Americana Ramble at Marilyns on K, I might be translating dispatches from Zeti Reticuli right now. Ever heard music that makes you desperately try to remember if youd innocuously eaten a brownie earlier that could have been, ahem, herbally enhanced? Dame Satans music had that effect. The instrumentation was boilerplate Americana--acoustic guitars, banjos, resonator guitars, bass and maybe even a mandolin--but the execution was closer to chamber music meets jazz. The influences, among them British folk, English post-psychedelic blues rock, spare Delta blues and the sort of weird Americana the Grateful Dead sometimes hinted at, melded into an original whole whose presence was rather startling. The four members played off each other like ancient jazz bodhisattvas, and there was a conscious awareness and manipulation of the spaces between the notes, again more a jazz trait than an element common to more straightforward genres like bluegrass or country. The overall effect is easy to recall. Its like that time you got really buzzed and played guitar in the stairwell and sang, and you heard yourself sounding like something from another dimension."
-- Sacramento News and Views


big silver crow came here to show something inside of me lord only knows

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