Friday, April 17


something amazing happened last night. first of all, I went to see Dr Dog with Jeffrey at the Filmore, and it was incredible. the first band, The Golden Boots, was ok, I didn't really like them, but I didn't have to sit through their set, we got there late and checked out the poster room. The second band was The Cave Singers. they are my new favorite bang. they sounded so good, their performance was really tight. all I could think about while watching them was I hope I see them open at the Greek in five years, and play a sold out show to a sing along audience at the Great American in twenty. The lead singer is just so honest. they all feel the music their playing and pass the feeling on to anyone who listens. I bought their album, and a shirt. I can't remember the last time I bought a shirt at a concert, not to mention for a band I'd heard for the first time that night! the second Dr Dog came on I knew that this concert was going to be worth it. they owned every song, even songs I don't like I loved just becauase the were so into it, and so talented. by the end of the show everyone was screaming along and dancing around. I got up to the front row by the encore, which was five songs long. I think I lost my voice. and I think I'm in love with Zach Miller. it really just proved to me even more that to fully appriciate a band you have to see them live. music isn't little recorded snippets all spliced into one track, it's about playing together and investing yourself in it.
now, if you didn't think it could get more amazing, here it comes. on the bus ride back, we sat next to these two guys who had been standing infront of us for part of the show. we had smoked behind them, and I'd noticed that one of the guys had caught Toby's hat he threw out at the end of the show. they're names are Nick and Benny, and after about five or ten minutes of talking we found out they go to Santa Cruz, but are from Oakland. when they said they went to Oakland Tech, I told them my cousin Lucy went there. turns out, they're good friends of Lucy, and after another couple minutes, we figured out we met before. at her last birthday party I got a ride to bart in a two door car with eight people inside, and Nick was the boy who's lap I sat on! I couldn't believe it! I cannot wait to call Lucy and tell her. we figured out we have all these other connections from both living around here too, and I gave him my number so we can chill next time he's in town. I am so gald I went to this show.

what's the word that means more than a word
what's better than the best thing ever heard
I don't know how but I just got to tell you

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