Saturday, May 16


about a month ago there was a weekend when Dr Dog, The Black Keys, and The Fleet Foxes were all playing in the same weekend, and I had to choose. I went to Dr Dog which was amamamazing, but it was still sad I didn't get to see the other two. I'm still dying for them to come around again. this weekend M Ward is playing tonight, and Ben Folds is playing tomorrow night. I like Ben Folds alright, and I know he puts on an incredible live show, but I bought an M Ward ticket because he's one of my new favorite things, I saw him with Zooey Deschanel as She and Him and he was just great (and sexy!), and I really want to see his solo stuff now, I've just gotten into it. yesterday I got an email from this newsletter I get but don't really read. last week I saw they had a contest for free M Ward and Ben Folds tickets, and so I just entered my name and email. well turns out I won! a free Ben Folds ticket! soooooo perfect! I'M SO EXCITED!!!

let's dance
put on your read shoes and dance the blues

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