Monday, March 10

there's a girl

Laura Rose and I went to see The Ditty Bops at the Freight and Salvage on friday. Jesca Hoop played with them, and it was all absolutely amazing. Jesca blew my mind with her wonderful vocals and unique song writing, and Amanda and Abby singing with her made it that much better. their new album is so great, it's a pop up record!
on sunday we rode to the Berkeley campus, ditched our bikes and went spelunking through the culvert to Strawberry Creek park. maybe being knee deep in water flowing through a pitch dark tunnel and wearing crappy shoes and cool headlamps isn't your thing, but I find it marvelous. after biking over to Indian Rock for the first sunset of daylight savings, we topped the day off with green brownies and Firefly. it was a good day.

I bide my time while biting my tongue


notapoopheadlikejackie said...

poop head. didn't call. poop. head

Jacquelyn Nan said...

dudeness, I thought you had work.

Anonymous said...

i would have gone any ways..... :) oh well next time.