Wednesday, April 23

bum sex in a hot tub

I saw Tegan and Sara again, this time at Davis. I was very unsatisfied with the seat I was assigned when they were at the Zelarbach last December. Turtle and I were able to weasel our way to the front with only one or two people in front of us. the concert was excellent, much better than their last show, everything that happened between the songs was hilarious, and we could actually see!
Sara wore a visor with a shark on it during the encore to apologize for her comments about the Calgary Flames beating the San Jose Sharks in game seven the next day, though that kind of blew up when she reiterated her belief again during the apology. I love them anyway.

game seven was yesterday. San Jose won. yey Sharkys!

dark you can't come soon enough for me.
saved from one more day of misery.


Sticky said...

the title of this post really confuses me.

Jacquelyn Nan said...

just a running joke throughout the show, you had to be there.