Wednesday, May 14

hotti with a botti

Whitney has been my favorite since the beginning of america's next top model this year. she is the only plus size model, and also one of the only sane girls int he house. she made it to the top three, which is incredible. no plus size model has ever made it nearly that far. it's sad to see most of the plus size models break down about their bodies, and have to leave because they have no confidence. I'm always thinking no! break the status quo! embrace your curves, you're beautiful! Whitney has stayed strong this whole time, she's never let her body worry her. she really doesn't have to, she's totally hot and has a slammin' bod! we're rooting for you Whitney! beat those skinny crazy bitches, we're ready for a top model with a good head on her shoulders and a little pow to her punch!

(the guy in the photo has a Stuart angry face!)

Nigel: [about Jade] if conceited drag queens are "in", she's got a shot at being America's Next Top Model.


Sticky said...

I have an angry face?

Bangz said...

I've been watching this season and I definitely agree. I declare we should have a season finale party. It's coming up soon!
Whitney is fo sho a hottie with a botty.

Bangzy said...

oops. finale was today :(