Friday, April 10

yesterday, I was super cool. wednesday night I got drunk with Clementine and Jeffrey. I joked about how hard we were going to party after I finished printing, and when I got back half the bottle of whiskey I'd had in the fridge was gone. I don't do this often, but I just thought, fuck it, grabbed the bottle, and started chugging it down while Jeff and Clementine watched with mouths wide open. we stayed up until three in the morning. I got up and hung out with Clare and Cole in photo, and made some progress with my final that my teacher is psyched about. on my way back, AJ stopped me to talk about the 4D project, while Mark Johnson waited, that's right, stood there and waited to talk to me about the drawing homework, and how we both hadn't done it and probably weren't going to. during drawing, Colby rolled a spliff as usual and a couple of it smoked it during break on the bench outside our room. I showed Sierra, Lynnea and Rosealie the photos I printed from our camping trip, then listened to the moth podcast inbetween classes with Clementine, then said hi to Cosmo on my way to 4D. our project was due today, but our teacher was chill with us finishing our project over the weekend since we lost a day when our tape went missing, and we just watched other people's movies and first year practice presentations. at break I smoked Dean out which was hella chill. I watched the sound we added to our movie real fast and it's going to sound dank. then on the way back, I ran into the girl I have a crush on while she was on the phone, and she paused to say hi to me, fuck yeah. Lev is in town for passover, and he came with some of his friends and I gave him the bud he asked me to buy for him, and then we went over to Yosemite's and bought some more. after we smoked it we went to Christopher's burger and ate delicious, delicious food. I saw Ashley Carter on the way back and said hi. the end of my night was not so cool, after Lev and them left I decided to go to bed early and had to tell Megan and Angela to turn their music down while everyone was haging a party over there. I was just so tiered and had been talking to so many people all day that I didn't want to deal with having to seem cool infront of this other group of people who I think are super cool and intimidating. I probably would have fucked up and ruined my cool streak, so I didn't risk it. but I felt amazing this morning after getting enough sleep, so it was worth it. I got my job back at Cafeina and I'm working saturdays and picking up a shift today. tonight Lindsay and I are going to an A's game.
I haven't really been posting a lot, so if you're one of the few who read this, and the even fewer who care about my real life, here is a good day. let me tell you, they are not all this good, and there are a few that are better. but I felt really secure yesterday, even though everything that happened might have been mundane, which is sometimes the hardest thing for me. that feeling makes everything else worth it.

also, this is how drunk I was


stay awake and watch for the data
no small caterpillar, go congratulate her

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