Monday, February 11


Project Chanology is a protest against the church of scientology by an internet based group called "Anonymous." yesterday they staged a protest in front of the central phoenix church of scientology, as well as other scientology churches, in honor of the birthday of Lisa McPherson.

I feel like if any of the major organized religions of the world today had been created in the past few decades, people would be questioning similar things about them, since they are just as corrupt. not to say they aren't questioned, I was just studying Martin Luther. they're just so widely accepted. I mean, even the president of the united states has claimed war in the name of god, and while yes, some people are upset about it, for some reason it's accepted. o man, I've tried writing this paragraph three times and I can't seem to articulate my point in a short and understandable way. I'll write a rant about organized religion later, for now though, I just give you Project Chanology.

I have sympathy for the devil.

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