Thursday, February 28

secret message

today I got a letter from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. I got in. it's my favorite school. the first thing my dad said was, "you know, we can't afford that." thanks dad, but I've decided not to ignore you and listen to Keri Smith instead.

this is why I don't like to talk to my parents


Cee said...

You are AMAZING Stubby-poo. I am so glad you threw that book at me. There had to be some celebration for that moment. I think you need to celebrate for yourself!!! You are college-bound!

Anna said...

Congratulations!!! That is so, so wonderful!

...yes, I keep looking at grad programs in English and Creative Writing, and they're all so, so expensive. I'm starting to wonder if there's any point in applying anywhere but the University of Washington--it has one of the best programs in the country, and in-state tuition is about a third the cost of dream schools like Columbia, NYU, and the University of Chicago. Sigh.

How many years is art school?

Anna said...

Are your parents paying for art school, or are you taking out loans?

Me and my sister's higher education philosophy was always, "My life, my debt, my call." But if they are paying, it can get more complicated...

Jacquelyn Nan said...

my parents are paying for it, and they won't take out any loans and will probably disown me if I do myself. I might have to live with that though. we won't hear back about financial aid for a little while though, so I'm not going to realllllly worry about it until then. art school is just a regular four year university. you have to take a lot of academic classes too, so you get a general education as well.

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