Friday, February 22


some of my favorite music videos

Kelly Clarkson's Walk Away

I can relate. I lip sync songs and pretend I'm in music videos. also this song is so much fun to sing. 2:18 makes me smile.

The Shins' Australia

silly things can be absolutely brilliant.

Christina Aguilera's Candyman

the best of the old with a new twist. just fabulous.

The Thermals' Pillar of Salt

I feel like if I made a music video, it would be something like this. there are so many great references, cameos and shots, but my favorite is at 00:42, they're doing the chicken dances from Arrested Development.

The Ditty Bops' Wishful Thinking

it's been my very favorite since I first saw it. they're just the definition of my thing.

Oscar predictions:
best picture: No Country for Old Men
best actor: Daniel Day-Lewis
best supporting actor: Javier Bardem
best actress: Javier Bardem
best supporting actress: Javier Bardem
best visual effects: Transformers
best documentary: Javier Bardem

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Bangzy said...

A little bias on Javier Bardem, eh?

P.S.: When did you get back??
Bangzy and Stubby need to reunite in big ways..
P.S.S. I am not working this week *wink*