Friday, January 4

angst is justifed

people tell you it's hard no matter what you do. one of my new year resolutions was to complain less, so obviously complaining about how hard you have it when everyone has it hard as well would be something I'd try to avoid. I'd just like to point something out though. my boss complains about how she works 16 hours a day almost everyday. my teachers complain about how hard it is to deal with students and grade papers and create lesson plans. my older friends complain about how hard college is and how much homework they have. I respect all these people, and even love some of them; I can't imagine doing what they do at this point in my life. the thing is though, one of the reasons I couldn't imagine it is because I'm still in fucking high school, and I don't have a choice about anything. all those people have chosen to take that path, knew what they were getting themselves into, are at least remotely interested in what they're doing, and if they really wanted to, could stop any time and do something else. I don't have that option. I either have to stay here, or drop out and lose everything. everyone else I know could just get another job, or go to a different school, but people won't even look at you without a high school diploma. so yes, of course I'll stay in school, of course I'll graduate, just don't tell me how much harder you have it, because at least you have a choice in the matter.

so apparently it's bitch week...

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you could get a gee ee dee