Monday, January 7

last words

senior quote ideas:

it's business time
inspired by Flight of the Conchords

let me tell you about my boat
inspired by The Life Aquatic

stay awake
inspired by the song from Mary Poppins/the title of one of my favorite albums/advice about life

"I believe that humans and fish can coexist peacefully together."
George W. Bush Jr.

thoughts? thanks.

are stars really bright, or is everything else just dark?


Anonymous said...

Stay Awake

Anonymous said...

let me tell you about my boat! That would be awesome! And nice picture. And, stars are really bright. Assuming you're judging from a human perspective, which is really the only logical way to make any kind of sense of the world.

Anna said...

What a splendid photo! You look lovely!

I like the Bushism, or else "Stay Awake"... they're the only ones that have meaning out of context.

For the record, my senior quote was "May fortune favor the foolish."

Sticky said...

I'm a big fan of "its business time" Let me tell you a bout my boat is good too, I just saw that movie yesterday.

Jacquelyn Nan said...

thanks everyone! I'm going with stay awake.

Little Scrappy said...

Well apperently youve already decided but I like "its business time".

Anonymous said...

Is "I leik t3h cox" an option?!

And now, I'm SO about to use "let me tell you about my boat". Jacked!

Jacquelyn Nan said...

I believe that would be deemed inappropriate, but I feel like if you used that they might let it slide since it's so appropriate for you. plus you really should think of your own, so yeah, use that.

(and it would be "Jackied")

Cee Biscuit said...

ooh denied, Parker...

Anonymous said...

O shit! I just got scraped. Internets are some serious biznas! And as for thinking of one's own senior words... looks like you failed pretty miserably in that department, wouldn't you say?

Jacquelyn Nan said...

no I didn't, all those quotes I thought of myself. I never said anything about using original words.