Wednesday, January 2

eating stars IV

so at cafeina, we have these blueberry muffins. we make a batch or two everyday, and it's almost always guaranteed that they will sell out. when they don't, they're always the first day olds to go the next morning, and even then some people are still sticking to the fresh ones. I'm not a big muffin person. I don't really choose them unless they're the chocolate kind, and that's more like cake. but recently I've been ending up with some of these muffins for myself, and have been eating them. they are absolutely fabulous. they have just the perfect amount of blueberries in them, and then aren't too squishy, nice and crunchy. they aren't giant, but they are filling and fabulous. plus the ingredients are organic, and the are made with love, and a hell of a lot of bakingskill. they are wonderful, and also happen the be the healthiest and cheapest pastry. I can't wait to have one right now.

how far out are you man
i'm pretty far out
that's pretty far out man


Anonymous said...

Mmm those look delish!

Anna said...

Mmmmmmmm Cafeina food.....

You should post more photos of the Cafe!!!!!!!