Tuesday, January 8

the smile list

in honor of my inspirational day, some things to be happy about when the bad things get me down:

1. I had an amazing day in San Francisco at the Legion of Honor. Parker, James and I stayed behind and went on an absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring hike down to the beach.

2. I'm going to Hawaii with Celia and Natalie this summer as a three way graduation present!

3. I had some pretty fun nights over the break feasting on stars with some really great people

4. I don't have to stress about college applications anymore

5. my photos from over break turned out well

6. the album Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films is fucking brilliant and makes me so happy

7. I finally have my senior quote!

8. dancing and singing and playing guitar when no one can see or hear me is super fun

9. I have a pretty pedicure

10. my dad wants me to have a computer at college, so he's going to get me an Apple laptop before I leave

there, now I have ten whole things to smile about when shit happens (which it will).

apparently I used to go to beaches like the one I went to today all the time when I was little.

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