Friday, December 14

can't stop the beat

dancing is not only extremely awkward for me, it's extremely fun! I love to dance, but have had no training, and not much practice since I only do so in the privacy of my own room, so no one but Natalie has ever really seen me. she's the one who got me into dancing in my room in the first place. I'd love to go some place that I could let go of all my self consciousness and just move to my awkward little heart's desire. my room seems to keep getting smaller.
I never thought anyone would ever see this, but I just found it, and feel like it's been long enough for it to be more funny than embarrassing. go ahead and laugh, but you know you can only wish you could have as much fun as us.

Natalie, you can't kill me for two reasons:
I. this isn't myspace
II. they'll only be laughing at me, since you actually know how to dance.

boy's shorts make my ass look good... I should find those...

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Parker said...

LOLE! This is the best video ever.