Thursday, December 13

nice above ground pool, mike

I'm sick of all this jolliness. I know that all anyone really wants to do during this time of the year is be bitter and complain, like me. there has to be another way.
oh wait, there is.
everything you need to know about festivus:

photo of the day:
"The Sky Is Mine"

by Elif KarakoƧ
this girl lives in Turkey, and I absolutely love her work. she brings such a wonderful feel to each of her photographs, especially through processing. her concepts are also so unique and developed, sometimes I can't believe she's my age. her friends also do wonderful work with a similar style to hers, but she definitely stands out. I guess it's a Turkish thing.

senior quote: "If you believe in your dreams, trust in yourself, and follow your star, you'll still get beaten by people who actually went out and learned things and weren't so lazy"- Terry Pratchett

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Parker said...

Okay wait this is a great post. lolol Festivus.