Sunday, December 9

the Fillmore, piers 30/32

I saw KT Tunstall with Celia, Sarah and Max at the Fillmore and at kfog kaboom within a week during may of 2006. she was amazingly powerful at the Fillmore, and blew everyone away. seeing her at kaboom a week later was also great, because we got to sit in the front row since Celia had her wheelchair. the best part though was we got to meet her and her whole band after their set. they were all super nice. she even posed with us three time while we tried to get my camera to work since it ran out of batteries. luckily Celia had a camera phone, so we at least got this shot.

so many of her songs are even more incredible live, but her incredible solo performance of Black Horse and a Cherry Tree is probably the reason she became so famous

a bit of history: here's another artists I discovered through kfog. I heard Black Horse for the first time on the morning show on new releases thursday, and loved it so much I started dancing around. I soon bootlegged all her songs, including a ton that weren't on her album. I eventually bought "Eye To The Telescope" since I loved her so much and wanted to support her. I'm not a super big fan of her new stuff since she's become such a pop princess, but I'll never stop dancing to her early work.

if you'd like to learn more, I recommend:
"Eye To The Telescope"- Universe & U, Suddenly I See, Heal Over
"KT Tunstall's Acoustic Extravaganza"- Girl And The Ghost, Miniature Disasters

last night: at least I went out with a bang


Anonymous said...

She. Is. So. Hot.

I mean, good.

Jacquelyn Nan said...

she's my lesbian crush.