Sunday, December 30

eating stars III

my favorite music lately has been an album called "Say Awake: Various Interpretations of Music From Vintage Disney Films." it's the music we grew up with, but interpreted into something much more mature and developed. from Tom Waits to Natalie Merchant to Sinead O'Connor is absolutely brilliant.
I will now attempt to explain what I have come to find that the concept was of this photo is:

I call it, wild things come out at night. Cosmo is wearing his where the wild things are hat. he also happens to be wearing a nice jacket and sunglasses, and smoking, making him appear as quite a sketchy character hanging out under the bart tracks at one in the morning. that shadiness implies a wild thing and something to be feared. so pretty much he's a real life wild thing, with the where the wild things are hat to emphasize that idea.
not that I need to have concept behind my photos anymore, since I'm not applying to art colleges...

Tell me, wishing well,
will my wish come true?
With your magic spell,
won't you tell my loved one what to do?

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