Thursday, December 13

soda or pop

once I was an age that I could make my own choices in what music I listened to, I pretty much went with radio disney. I drifted far away from the traditional pop genera once I was an age that I could make good choices in what I listened to, but every once in a while I find myself drawn to a random pop song. semi-recent examples have been Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend, Kelly Clarkson's Walk Away, a few songs from the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack, and Christina Aguilera's Candyman.

These are relatively good songs compared to the other stuff the artist produces. I couldn't believe that it was Christina Aguilera when I first heard Candyman, and though these songs seem silly, they are pretty much the definition of pop music in the sense that they are perfectly composed to appeal to the majority of contemporary people. what I've found with most of the songs I listen to like these is that though I love that one particular song, when I try to listen to more from that artist, it just doesn't happen.
what slightly throws me off though is my latest musically guilty pleasure, The Reason's We're So Beyond This. the one thing I never ever stop hating is whiny boy bands. I can handle girls being cliche, or even mature guys being cliche, but put on some Journey or Motion City Soundtrack and I might just kill you. also, the Reason isn't very popular, breaking yet another part of the pattern. this is why I have concluded that it must be the fact that Sara Quin (as in Tegan and Sara) who is featured in the song is why I have come to playing this song on repeat. also, I've realized that the song is about a girl and boy arguing back and forth that they've been through so much that they should be above hiding things from each other and fighting the way they do. if you know me, this might sound familiar.
here's the video. I like the concept, but I feel like they could have done a lot more with it.

Parker, I feel like you'd really appreciate how hot Sara is.

"We're so beyond this, I need to feel your trust
So we can be honest, you've got to give me this much
'Cause we're so beyond this, I've got to get it through
If you can be honest, I can be honest with you"


Anonymous said...

I won't deny it.

SHE'S RIDIC HOT. But dude, post things besides your music habits! I want to read like, thoughts or writing that you have. Or see photography or something. The talk about music you like and posting a video theme is getting kinda old.

Jacquelyn Nan said...

Dude, it's a theme week, and today was the last day of it. I'll have a new series this week. chill.