Friday, December 7

the Greek

if you look to your left you'll see one of the best shows I've see, The Shins at the Greek in Berkeley at the beginning of this past October. I went with Stuart, James, Ava, and Ethan, who are crazy insane Shins fans and got there four hours early, so even though I had to work until right before doors opened, we sat in the front row. it's pretty amazing having such powerful musicians five feet in front of you, and thousands people people singing along behind you.
Sleeping Lessons from their album "Wincing the Night Away" was my favorite from the show. they extended it two or three times, and the whole stadium was singing and dancing along.

a bit history: I've always known the Shins from compilations like the Garden State soundtracks and songs from the Gilmore girls, but didn't get into them until this past summer when I downloaded a few free songs. Australia is what did it for me. after I had it on repeat for a half hour, I thought, why haven't I been listening to these guys for years?

if you'd like to learn more, I recommend:
"Oh, Inverted World"- Know Your Onion!
"Chutes Too Narrow"- So Says I
"Wincing The Night Away"- Sleeping Lessons, Australia
the music video for Australia

just put yourselves in my new shoes, and see why I do what I do

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