Thursday, December 6

Zellerbach Hall

coming up ahead, we'll be passing a few artists I've seen live. if you look to your right, you'll see Tegan and Sara at Zellerbach Hall. I saw them play there tonight with (my) Sarah. you could tell they were having a nice time. a lot of people tried to get up closer to the stage, but since the Zellerbach has assigned seating they kept getting ushered back, which was kind of a bummer. people also started throwing stuff on the stage, everything from books and candy to hockey pucks and light up glasses. after the show I went up and threw my sticker book up there. I wrote this url on it, so Tegan and Sara, if one of you is reading this, hi!!!
props to Sara for one of the most creative audience suggestions I've ever seen. during Hop A Plane, she had everyone turn around and clap their hands above their heads. fun stuff.
also thanks for singing my favorite song from your first three albums. way to sing it last and make me give up hope though...

a bit of history: I discovered Tegan and Sara when kfog started playing Walking With A Ghost from their album "So Jealous" over and over again. kfog eventually stopped playing them (most people find them too whiny) but I went out and got the album and have loved them ever since. I can identify strongly with many of their lyrics, which is not to say that I'm an annoying little indie girl who hates everyone. in their own words, "we don't write about self hatred, we write about self doubt."

if you'd like to learn more, I recommend:
"This Business of Art"- My Number
"If It Was You"- Living Room
"So Jealous"- You Wouldn't Like Me, Where Does the Good Go
"The Con"- Back In Your Head, Nineteen

actually, I am an annoying little indie girl who hates everyone... but not because of Tegan and Sara...

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Hahaha lole at that last sentence.

So indie.