Tuesday, December 25

chinese turkey

my family has two christmas traditions:
1. eat chinese food. it doesn't matter how, last year we went out to Renee's Place on christmas eve, this year we got take out and ate it on tv trays while watching Flight of the Conchords. as long as it's chinese food, we're good to go.
2. watch a christmas story on tbs. they play it for 24 hours, so you can turn it on any time, then just watch it until you get back to where you started. brilliant.

tis the season to be jorry, fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra


Anonymous said...

Hahahah! I JUST saw this on DVD for the first time today with my dad. That's the fucking funniest scene, in the restaurant. Jingle berrs jingle berrs jingle all tha way.

Anna said...

Lil Tomato!!! Merry Christmas! It's so nice to e-see you! ...love the link to your photos, especially the aquarium ones (is it Monteray?) and of course Cafeina! I've been unpacking random boxes and found the print you framed for me--happy memories!

Christmas hugs, Anna

Anna said...

Hey, we're online and posting on each other's blogs at the same time!