Monday, December 10

the Great American Music Hall, Slims, the Freight and Salvage

I've seen The Ditty Bops three times, and have loved each show. they put on a whole performance, a different theme for each show, complete with costumes, props, and great stories. at Slims, they had a Sister Kate dance contest, and put on a shadow puppet show. they also play very intimate venues, so I'm always able to get right up front, and have always talked to them afterward. not only are their performances amazing, but also everything else they do as a band. they stand for going green, so for their Moon Over the Freeway tour, they biked across america to get from show to show. this past summer they did a farm tour. they donated all their profits to organizations that support small farms, had lots of free shows on farms, including one exclusively for goats. I could go on and on about all the amazing and fun things they do, but I'll save that for another time.
my favorite example of how they use performance art in their shows is the live version of Your Head's Too Big. this is from the Slims show I was at in June of 2006.

a bit of history: yes, yet another band that I discovered on kfog. I heard an them do an interview on t
he morning show, and loved them. like Tegan and Sara, kfog soon stopped playing them, but I went out and bought the record right away, and have been a loyal fan ever since. they are probably my favorite band, because not only is their music great, but so is everything else they do, from their publicity, to what they stand for.

if you'd like to learn more, I recommend:
"The Ditty Bops"- Walk Or Ride, Ooh La La, Wake Up
"Moon Over The Freeway"- Aluminum Can, In The Meantime, Your Head's Too Big
the music video for Wishful Thinking. it's my favorite.

you might find the meaning of life in the barrel of a rifle if it's pointed at a bird, or if it's pointed at your head


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