Thursday, December 13

Eating Stars I

when I tried to write the I for 1, I accidentally hit the one button after I hit shit, and ended up writing Eating Stars! instead. it was exciting. I know I'm not the first to think of other symbols for real letter, but I've never ever done it before, so it was a new and differnt experience for me and I found it interesting.
that just took so long to say
I've recently figured out why i take so long to say things all the time. everyone has a lot of thoughts behind what they actually are meaning by the little they are say, to imply it in the right way to get the right feeling behind what is being said. I'm doing it right now, but what's differnt about my little thoughts, as I will call them from now on, is that I have a hard time realizing that I actually probably have to say half as much as I do for people to understand what I'm saying, because I feel like I have to say every little thought behind each idea. even just saying this I probably went on for way too long.
it feels like it just took so long to write all that, but looking at it, it doesn't seem as much. that's been my night for me. thinking things are taking so long, or are so big, but only to find out that they weren't actually that long, and were really pretty small compared to what I thought. but all this probably would have taken anyone else one paragraph to say, and it took me three. so think about it this way, I have to wright a hell of a lot more to make a post because it takes me three times as long as anyone to say anything.
the end

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