Friday, December 14

that's too many chairs for one room

I am an awkward person, but I find that this time of year is especially awkward. so I've decided to honor that, and make this awkwardness is funny week. I'd say that the festivus post was a good way to start that off, since it is the inspiration for this theme, though I hadn't thought of it specifically when I made that post. my last post was also very appropriate, because what I described about myself there is the reason I'm so awkward.
my favorite scene in Knocked Up is another way to describe a reason that I'm so awkward. I can relate in the sense that sometime I just can't believe how anyone could ever like me, and this is probably the reason I'm so shy and awkward around new people, or even people I've known for a while. it's also the funniest scene in the whole movie.

I'm a hat factory

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